Friday, 30 September 2016

Linguistic Circle of Prague, my age 30s and 40s

1-5 Linguistic Circle of Prague
I was born in 1947 and now 2016 I am 69 years old. My age 30s and 40s were passed by reading Chinese and Japanese classics mainly written by Chinese characters for understanding two country's ideogram history. In those days I never abandoned my main theme on understanding the essence of language through clear description using mathematical tools, which gradually declined to geometry for easier approach and more applicable to ideogram. And at last my teacher CHINO Eiichi gave me the decisive theme on language in my career. It was Sergej Karcevskij's conjecture that were written for the Linguistic Circle of Prague,  "Du dualisme asymetrique du signe linguistique", Travaux du Cercle Linguistique de Prague 1. Karcevskij's paper perfectly determined my doubt on language research, that how the description could be realised from the sharp premise like mathematics' theorem. Karcevskij showed us the clear distinction between stable and unstable in a word's meaning. I felt that the direction pointed Karcevskij was to easy to enter against the high cliff of language study till when I  could not possibly come through philosophical thinking affected by Ludwig Wittgenstein in my youth.
  1. Prague in 1920s / 2015
  2. The Time of Wittgenstein / 2012
  3. For WITTGENSTEIN Ludwig Revised / 2005 - 2012

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