Thursday 25 September 2014

For WANG Guowei / A Letter / 11 March 2003

For WANG Guowei 


A Letter

I met with his book at Kanda in winter early 1970s.

He has be alive in my mind since then.
He historically lived in China at setting-sun, the Qing dynasty.

In those days at Kanda 70s. 
I had been wandering alone like a rhino.
To which I had the most familiar feeling.

But at where, I was not alone for him.
WANG Guowei.
Oh the book Guantangjilin.
It is the very name that I had taken along with my youth.

I met him at Kanda in winter in my age early twenties, 1970s.
There for ever
Bright and ease.
With cold windy rain of dear old Tokyo.


March 11, 2005
February 18, 2007 Revised
September 25, 2014 Revised
Sekinan Research Field of Language

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