Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Sand Craft at Entrance of Honen-yin, Kyoto, Japan

Honen - Reformist of Buddhism Japan some 800 years ago

One of my favourite places in Kyoto
Sand Craft at Entrance of Honen-yin
Honen was a reformist of Buddhism Japansome 800 years ago.
 Yin means house in Japanese. Here Higashiyama at eastern
 Kyoto area, Honen and his disciples strived hard for reformist of Buddhism
in the Middle Ages of Japan some 800 years ago. Honen realized that
 Nenbutsu, the recitation of Buddha Amitabha's name, was the only way to Jodo, the Pure Land of Buddhism.
He was exiled by the establishment
but finally returned to Kyoto
a few months before
his death 1212.

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