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Language and I 2017

Language and I

Sekinan Library has researched on language from 1986 and successively
at SRFL from 2003.
Papers and essays that have been  written at Sekinan Library and
SRFL Sekinan Research Field of Language 
are shown and searched at SRFL Essay and SRFL Paper.
Sekinan Library's main theme is now at language universals that has
been a hard target and researched since 1920s at Linguistic Circle of Prague,
but the theme had been always put aside from the centre of the study.
In Japan. on Prague School CHINO Eiichi probably first introduced
systematically through his direct study experience at Prague between
1958 and 1964.

I first met with him in 1969 at Tokyo, from whom received Russian
language lesson at the beginner's small class.
And after some 10 years I again met him in 1979 at his lecture
on structural linguistics, to which I listen till till March 1986 when
I get apart from the university.

In 1986 I also started to study my own object on language, in  which
the main theme  was language universals by mathematical description,
surging from Nicolas Bourbaki, that were already applied to wide
and deep approach even at human studies at that time.

For me algebraic geometry was the great aid to deepen the theme,
to which from 1920s
many researchers have recognised one of the most important but hard
to operate with clear description at the field of philology.

In 2003 I narrowly wrote up the trial paper on language's characters,
at that time not for total language, but I got the steady way to approach
the hard target of language's basis mainly on meaning, through which
I faintly could see the final target, language universals.


26 June 2017

Sekinan Library

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