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The comparison between 2003 and 2017 From Chinese character's meaning structure to Homological algebraic model of language universals 2017

The comparison between 2003 and 2017
From Chinese character's meaning structure to Homological algebraic model of language universals 

1. Between 2003 and 2017
In 2003 I wrote a paper that showed meaning's inner structure of Chinese characters.
The paper was based on Chinese character's old form, Jaguwen, Chinese inscriptions on animal bones and tortoise carapaces that was first found at Henan-sheng, China in 1999. I wrote the paper mainly depending on WANG Guowei's work. My paper is the following.

On Time Property Inherent in Characters. 28 March 2003 

In this 2017 I wrote a related paper with the 2003's paper, which mainly focused on ideogram's general purpose property from hieroglyph to LATEX symbols. My paper is the next.
The Days of Ideogram. 20 April 2017

2. From philology to algebra
The 2003 paper is on the continuation of Qing Dynasty's classical philologists in China.
The 2017 paper is on the extension of Category theory's homological approach.

3. From intuitive to definitive
The 2003 is not openly used mathematical approach, as a result  writing style is considerably intuitive.
The 2017 is also intuitive, but in its base, more sufficient mathematical data in the 17 year study result. The most recent work is Derived Category Theory. The theory is at the next.

Derived Category Language

Now the  upper two papers, the 2003 and the 2017 and their related papers are seen at Sekinan Paper and Sekinan Theory.

Sekinan Paper
Sekinan Theory

4. Starting place
The new theory is now being prepared for more mathematical-descriptive expression titled Homology Language.Starting place is at the following papers.

Karcevskij conjecture 1928 and Kawamata conjecture 2002
Language stability and triangulated category

5. Gist of  Homology Language
 The fundamental essences are the next.
Set is defined as Universe which can avoid set theory's contradiction.
Set is considered as Category which can get back to all the concepts to Object and Morphism.
Topological space is considered as Homology which can get back all the work to algebra.
Language model is considered as Sheaf which can past functions to the more big function.
Language can take Contractible which can describe free concepts as meaning.  
6. Aim of Homology Language
Language will get near to finite generative a little alike natural language.
Fundamental work was done at the next from set theory but not definitive as universe

von Neumann Algebra 2 Note Generation Theorem
Category theory seems to be a one-step-up stage to write on language from the days of Maclane Saunders. Refer to the next.
 Topological Semantics. Torus Chain. For MAC LANE Saunders
Language and Spacetime. Word Containing Time and 4 Dimensional Sphere. Dedicated to MAC LANE Saunders
Language and Spacetime. Structure of Word. From KARCEVSKIJ to MACLANE
For MAC LANE Saunders. Categorical Approach toward Language
(3) Homological approach
In 2009 I wrote a trial papers titled Floer Homology Language. Still now the papers are important for my study.

Floer Homology Language
   Potential of Language
   Supersymmetric Harmonic Oscillator
   Grothendieck Group
   Reversibility of Language
   Homology Generation of Language
   Homology Structure of Word
   Quantization of Language
   Discreteness of Language

In Floer Homology Language, the next two papers will become the guidepost for new theory Homology Language

Homology Generation of Language
Homology Structure of Word

(4) Symplectic algebra
Symplectic algebra is one of the most fantastic fields of the contemporary mathematics.
I also ever wrote simple invitational papers for applying to language universals.
The papers are next.

Symplectic Language Theory
     Symplectic Topological Existence Theorem     
     Gromov-Witten Invariant     
     Mirror Symmetry Conjecture on Rational Curve     
     Isomorphism of Map Sequence     
     Generating Function  
     Homological Mirror  Conjecture by KONTSEVICH
     Structure of Meaning
     On Structure

In the papers, The next contains the update result of homological approach.

Homological Mirror Symmetry Conjecture by KONTSEVICH

(5) Bridge to resolve
Relationship between symplectic geometry and derived category shows the realization of clearer description on  language.universals Because for my part, Symplectic Language Theory and Floer Homology Language seems to be the nearest way to resolve the hardship of natural language's inner structure.
The details are the next.

 Additional meaning and embedding

(6) Symmetry
The concept called symmetry is very important to describe the complex situation of natural language.
Symmetry contains undifferentiated factors in itself, for example mirror, distance,ant-world and so forth.
I ever tried to cultivate this fantastic field to resolve the hardship on language universals one more step up. 

My trying paper is the following.

Mirror Theory
Mirror Language

This paper in unfinished.
6 July - 9 July 2017
Sekinan Library

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