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Wellspring 2008



I read two geniuses in my twenties at early 1970s.
WANG Guowei and WITTGENSTEIN Ludwig.
I have continued thinking and writing by own-recognized WITTGENSTEIN's TLP's style throughout till now.
Linguistic themes are almost all depended on WANG's papers.
Yin buci-zhong suojian xian-gong xian-wang kao ( Juan 9 Shilin 1) overwhelmed me by profound considerations and  citations from Chinese vast classic texts.
Wang-Heng Juan 9 Shilin 1) is the origin of  my early concept that consists of infinite cyclic meaning minimum  inherent in characters.
On Time Property Inherent in Characters and Prague Theory are early embodiment of the concept. 
On meaning of language, CHINO Eiichi taught me its fascination and hardship mainly throughout the works of Linguistic Circle of Prague.
KARCEVSKIJ Sergej showed me the most fascinating approach to the meaning's flexibility in word.
From Orient, WANG Yinzhi lead me the meaning of word  especially by analysis of functional words in Chinese classics.
Jingzhuan shici is a compilation of his analysis by which I tried the concept of
positive and negative on the generation of word. The result is shown by early work Quantification of Quantum, from which the concepts of actual language and imaginary language are emerged. Early work of showing the concepts areGuarantee of LanguageMirror Language and Reversion Theory and the like.
ZHANG Bingling is the another peak of China.
Wenshi is the work I have tried to get understanding over and over again from my youth. My paper is tried as Energy of Language and Brown Motion as Language. Two papers are targeted to the energy inherent in language.
Simple chronological table is shown at Theory Dictionary Time.

November 28, 2008
Sekinan Research Field of language

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