Monday, 9 July 2018

Hurrying up to library 2015

Hurrying up to library


When I was a high school student, my dream of near future was to go to library everyday for reading, learning and researching my themes at that time unknown. In the school I liked solving easy questions of mathematics and physics,  but those were all rudimentary questions for general students aiming university's entrance.

I thought that there would be clear themes of my own life somewhere in my learning world, which never came up to the surface. So above all things I wanted to go library to find my themes for my study life, in which I probably would satisfy in my youth time. I dreamed my figure hurrying up to library with carrying books under my arm being bothered nothing perfectly.

At university my dream surely came to true. But a new more difficult problem emerged up in my front. It was a talent or gift for keeping study deeply. I was a common person having nothing peculiar gift. From that time my true long winding road to language study started towards hard field or precipitous mountain.

27 January 2015

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