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Writing Style of the Papers 2013

Writing Style of the Papers 2013
From 2013 I changed a little on the writing style of papers. I have always thought on the several concepts for language universals and their surroundings. Synthesis of old meaning and new meaning is one of the most important themes. Dimension of language is also a big theme for long time from my beginning of the study.
Recently I frequently use the web site, webnode, in which the top page almost has “News” column that is very convenient to write tiny memo-like ideas I have always been thinking. Ending the memo and uploading the site, writing date and time are inevitably mentioned. It is very useful for me because I always need the date of thinking the theme.
So I made some sites by the webnode. But after using for the facing work they are almost deleted for cleaning the history of my task. I do not want remaining the footprints of my trifling works. At the result my remaining webnode site is only one, that is named SRFLNote in which there are some trivial notes on the study now.
Several papers written by the webnode “News” column  are shown at this site.
For this writing situation , “Dimension Decrease Conjecture”,  “Conjecture for synthesis of meaning in word”and “Conjecture for reversion of language” have peculiar style from the ordinary papers.
From now on, what this style will be kept on is uncertain for me, but I think that adequate themes by this style will be remained, for example, on the field of the hierarchy of language related with dimension.
If the time exists some for me, I will write more several papers on the important themes using mathematical notations to the unknown world of language hereinafter.

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