Monday, 9 July 2018

Hanno Revisited Blowing in autumn wind along silver grasses 2012

Hanno Revisited   
 Blowing in autumn wind along silver grasses 

Today I and wife went to Hanno city that is located at the next to my hometown. The city was very intimate place for some dear fiends of high school days. We are always play in hometown in the long vacations of summer, winter and spring. using bicycles we had gone to Hanno to play the baseball at the city ground and see the Iruma River that flows the centre part of the city and sometimes learnt the vacation work at the old city library alike a tiny elementary school building. Along the bicycle road used to go and back, fantastic silver grasses were calmly swaying in the Autumn wind. We run fast the slope road seeing the railroad at right side. Occasionally  we met the diesel train. Today I went there with wife, with whom I went camping or barbecue at the river side far old days together with two children. Now they are already grownup and working in the central Tokyo. I and wife are enough old and feel tranquil seeing the river and the hills behind. When the children were very young, I or wife let them buy some confectioneries at the river side tiny shops that are still remain in the same old style. The time flied fast and afar went. The river was only sparkling with same beauty.


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