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Prague Theory Dedicated to KARCEVSKIJ, PRAGUE and CHINO 2004

Prague Theory



Language consists of quanta of language.
Quantum of language is the minimum unit of language.
The quantum has the inherent time and meaning.
The quantum has the distance from the real world.
The distance adds relative meaning to the inherent meaning.
The inherent time and meaning are generated from the complex of the simple images abstracted from the real world.
The simple images are left in characters of Chinese language /hanyu/.
But many languages using the phonetic sign do not remain the traces of images.
The simple images have their own passage of time.
Chinese character /kun/, difficult in English has two simple images inside.
One is an enclosure.
The other is a tree in the enclosure.
The enclosure has the time of no passage.
The tree has the time of own growth.
The complex of the two images leads two consequences.
One is <time element> that is abbreviated to TE.
The other is <meaning element> that is abbreviated to ME.
TE is a sort of artificial time. In this situation, the tree grows in the passage of time.
But this tree does not destroy the enclosure.
The time of the tree stops immediately before the destruction of the enclosure.
TE has a separated time from start and end of the tree.
This is the <inherent time†> of the character /kun/.
ME is also artificial. The tree grows eternally, but does not destroy the enclosure similarly in eternity.
This is the situation of character /kun/.
So inherent meaning emerges, having difficult condition never changed in eternity.
ME is changed in the arranging set of quanta of language. This set is called <sentence>.
Chinese /xue shuxue/, learn mathematics in English, has two /xue/.
The two are quanta of language.
The first quantum has longer distance than the second quantum. So according to the situation, two quanta have an additional meaning to the inherent.
The second quantum has a shorter distance that is closer to the real world. So Close meaning to the real thing is added.
The first quantum has a longer distance that is more separate to the real world. Additional meaning is also more separate from the real thing.
In the arrangement of the quanta set, complex meaning is emerged.
This meaning is called <additional meaning element>, abbreviated to AME.
In the set of quanta of language, three elements <time element> <meaning element> <additional meaning element> are working.
Now I call the view on language <Prague Theory> for having a high regard to KARCEVSKIJPRAGUE and CHINO Eiichi.

October 2, 2004
Sekinan Research Field of Language

[Postscript January 31, 2008]
†On a basis of /kun/’s periodic <inherent time>, refer to the next.
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[Postscript February 2, 2008]
†On respective differences of <inherent time>, refer to the next.
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