Monday, 9 July 2018

Thanks to physics about which I ever dreamt in my future 2015-2018

Thanks to physics about which I ever dreamt in my future


In the days of high school, I deeply dreamt that someday physics would perfectly write over this world's phenomena by the clearest descriptions. So I longed for studying physics in the future. But I selected language's diverse wideness at the university, from where returning the clear descriptive situation represented by physics needed long and winding road for me. 

Now in my mind probably language and physics or mathematics are happily live together constructing the world's one main frame. I wonder why I took so much time to reach here. Long time ago, at least Pascal's era, philosophy and mathematics were both sides of shield for solving the world's hard problems. It is very appropriate that the fact is solved from every fields not being partitioned any artificial walls. 

Philosophy may be solved by mathematics and mathematics may opened by physical phenomenon. Now they all became common sense. Only I reached here delaying rather late. I am now situated in tranquil field. Thanks to so many pioneers, especially in mathematics. Also to physics about which I ever dreamt in my future.

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25 February 2018 
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