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Prague in 1920s 2015

Prague in 1920s

​From Print 2012, Chapter 18

Non-symmetry. It was the very theme that I repeatedly talked on with C. Prague in 1920s. Karcevskij's paper "Du dualisme asymetrique du signe linguistique" that appeared in the magazine TCLP.  Absolutely contradicted coexistence between flexibility and solidity, which language keeps on maintaining, by which language continues existing as language.  Still now there will exist the everlasting dual contradiction in language. Why can
language stay in such solid and such flexible condition like that. Karcevskij proposed the duality that is seemed to be almost absolute contradiction.
Sergej Karcevskij's best of papers, for whom C called as the only genius in his last years' book Janua Linguisticae reserata 1994. 

Source: Tale / Print by LI Kohr / 27 January 2012

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[Note, 2 October 2014]
In this Tale, Print 2012, C is CHINO Eiichi who was the very teacher in my life, taught me almost all the heritage of modern linguistics. I first met him in 1969 at university's his Russian class as a student knowing nothing on language study.
  1. From Distance to Pseudo-Kobayashi Distance / 5 February 2012

[Note, 1 March 2015]
Heritage of The Linguistic Circle of Prague in 1920s
The LCP showed us the eternal flexibility of language, which has overcame the vast trial approach to language and its bases and language universals.  The LCP had never persisted one theory or the main stream theories at that time I have inherited this noble spirit on my study.

1 July 2015
Sekinan Paper
[Note added]
The LCP had never persisted one theory or the main stream theories at that time My teacher in life CHINO Eiichi had emphasized at the room on Constructive Linguistics in 1980s.
22 April 2016
Sekinan Comment

This paper will be the own epitaph in the future for containing all the thanks to constitute my study from the latter half of the 20 century.
22 April 2016
Sekinan Comment

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