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AMINO Yoshihiko, historian of modern Japan 2010

AMINO Yoshihiko, historian of modern Japan

I met AMINO at Tokyo in early 1980s.
I assisted to make a certain historian's selected papers following him and his colleges.

In editing period, he and his friends had familiar talks after editing work at the coffee shop near the university.
I seriously heard the conversation that were often extended to the writer's history of   the selected papers.
Selected papers were finely finished in Autumn 1982.

AMINO always carried the heavy bag contained the many books in it.
Friends were talking on the many historical important themes, seeing his energetic activity with smile.

He wrote the historical papers from the very new thinking points on ever disregarded people or classes.

After some years editing, I knew his essay that was written the above historian, in which he referred to  my assist for the historian.

AMINO never told me on the essay. He calmly wrote the fact of the relation with the historian and me. Several years before, I rejected his kind support  to my career to the research life.

 I never noticed his true tenderness during his lifetime.

He died in 2004.

July 11, 2010
Sekinan Research Field of Language

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