Friday, 10 August 2018

Winding road to physics 2015

Winding road to physics 

    When I was a student of high school, I hoped to learn physics at university. But from various reasons in fact I learnt language at university on the other still longing for physics.After graduation I once worked as a high school teacher and eight years passing over I returned to university for investigating language study. On the way I again met CHINO Eiichi in 1979, from whom I ever learnt Russian in 1969. By his teaching I had distinct aim for my study on language, making clear description to others using mathematics being assisted with physical thinking or approach. Mathematics was always set in my mind but my talent was not overtaken to its hardness. But aiming clear description to every situation I decided to learn again or thrice to make a new stage where I decided to come back to my starting point of youth being attracted to physics.Refer to the next.

    1. Remembrance
    2. Physics
    3. Model
    4. Language
    5. Mathematics

    16 January 2015

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