Tuesday, 7 August 2018

​Coffee shop named California 2012-2015

​Coffee shop named California


From Print 2012, Chapter 10

If C live, he also may ask me, "What  are you researching now?"
And I also will answer him as same as ever.
I have pursued universals, never done facts, without repenting. 

Oh C, if you live, will we also talk on language at the table facing each other
under the low ceiling of the shop, going up the steep stairs.
The name of the shop is California.

For the memory of our daily forgetful life, its never miserable though poor all over,
I will write down our delight.

Source: Tale / Print by LI Kohr / 27 January 2012  

Under the Dim Light / 1 August 2012
Road to Language Universals / 31 December 2012
Half Farewell to Sergej Karcevskij and the Linguistic Circle of Prague with References / 23 October 2013

23 february 2015

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