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Quantum Linguistics Growth of Word Dedicated to TAKEUCHI Gaishi 2006

Growth of Word
Dedicated to TAKEUCHI Gaishi

1 Natural language is a complex of words that are called natural-words in this paper. Natural-word is abbreviated to NW.
2 Natural-words make sentences that are called natural-sentences in the paper. Natural-sentence is called to NS.
3 NW is theoretically made by a set of zero sets. On details see the following papers. 
[On recognition]
[On automaton]
4 Generally NW is finite and NS is infinite. When observing word from the viewpoint of set, word is not necessarily finite. Content of word, namely a set of zero sets, is continuously variable.
5 Continuous expansion of zero sets makes continuous expansion of content of word.
6 Word is a universe that is constantly variable and expansive in set theory.
Variability and expansion on word universe make ambiguity between word and sentence.
8 Word universe is a set that contains all the set being existent.
9 Word universe is a logical existence and concurrently a logical contradiction in one hand from general mathematical viewpoint.
10 Word universe probably must be observed from successive, expansive complex of sets.
11 Word universe is called to be a growing existence. This growing universe is actually going over the limitations of a set of all the sets constantly.
12 Word universe will be one of the most important things, being connected with recognition of natural language and automatic language.
13 One of the theoretical embodiment of variability and expansion of word in natural language is Ainu language that is distributed in northern Japan, Hokkaido.
<On idea of growth>
<More details on word’s structure>
Tokyo January 30, 2006
Sekinan Research Field of Language
[Postscript August 2, 2008]

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