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Lineation For CHOMSKY Noam 2005

1 <Quantum> and <frame> are the components of <twin language>.
2 <Quantum> has <lineation>.
3 Therefore <quantum> has not any <branch>.
4 <Quantum> has <locus>.
5 <Quantum> is in a <coordinate system>.
6 <Quantum> has <coordinate value>.
7 Therefore <quantum> has <descriptiveness>.
8 <Frame> has not <lineation>.
9 <Frame> has some kinds of <branch>, which is called <derivative>.
10 <Frame> has not any <locus>.
11 <Frame> has a set of <ideogram>.
12 <Ideogram> is a unit which consists of <meaning> and <grammar>.
13 <Ideogram>s are finite and countable.
14 Therefore <frame> is finite.
15 <Frame> has <descriptiveness>. 
16 <Quantum> has an <energy>.
17 Therefore <quantum> has <movement>. This situation of <energy> is called <woken energy>.
18 <Frame> has <energy>, but has not <activity>. This <energy> is called <slept energy>.
19 Therefore <frame> has not any <movement>.
20 <Quantum> is dynamic.
21 <Quantum> is not portable.
22 <Locus> of <quantum> is portable.
23 <Frame> is static.
24 <Frame> is portable.
25 <Quantum> is chosen from <frame>.
26 Chosen <quantum> is called <bare quantum>.
27 <Lineation> of <quantum> is determined by <data> given to <frame> from outside.
28 <Lineation> of <quantum> is made automatically by <bare quantum> and <data>.
29 <Bare quantum> and <data> make transformed <quantum>, which is called <clothed quantum>.
30 <Lineation> is a set of <clothed quantum>.
31 <Bare quantum> is portable.
32 <Clothed quantum> is not portable.
33 <Bare quantum> generates <clothed quantum> using <energy> and <data>.
34 <Sleep energy> in <frame> is woken by <data>.
35 <Sleep energy> transforms <active energy>.
36 <Sentence> of <language> ends when all <bare quantum> become all <clothed quantum>.
37 A set of all <clothed quantum> is static, which is called <sleep quantum>.
38 <Quantum> has three kinds, <bare quantum>, <clothed quantum> and <sleep quantum>.
39 <Energy> has two kinds, <woken energy> and <slept energy>. 
40 <Twin language> is portable in <slept> situation.
41<Slept> <twin language> is portable, transformative and copy-able.
42 <Twin language> has two usefulness, automatism and portability.
Tokyo March 11, 2005
Sekinan Research Field of Language

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