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Connection between early paper's quantum and recent paper's geometry 7th edition 2017

Connection between early paper's quantum and recent paper's geometry
7th edition
Autumn in 2002, I entered hospital by contracting pneumonia, at where I thought that learning on Chinese characters heretofore seemed to be able to used for the model of language universals. Spring 2003 at Hakuba, Nagano I wrote a trial paper titled On Time Property Inherent in Characters, that was focused on the time inherent in characters using the Chinese written language appeared in typical philological text of the Five Classics of Confucianism. After all, this paper led me the long road to try solving language universals in language.
On language universals my early papers are frequently concentrated in quantum's situation applied from theoretical physics. But at recent papers quantum's themes are almost disappear at least from the surface of theoretical progress.
This notable difference  is occurred through language's whereabouts, that is generally called space at scientific field. One of my important quest has been  at this whereabouts description.
Physical space is very hard to describe clearly by my ability. Probably I have not been able to understand physical space for using and observing the situation of language models. On the contrary mathematical spaces are very clear by using minimum axioms and theorems.
Another quest is occurred from natural language's quality.
Natural language consists of physical elements - voice and hearing, writing and seeing. But what being carried by upper elements are going over physical world - thought, remembrance, feeling and so forth. I ever wrote these situation using a sample that is a changing apple passing in the time.
This quest is paraphrased in concrete - physics and abstract - mathematics.
Geometry is a field of mathematics, which I select because of being easily visualised thinking for my approach to the language problems. Geometry hands out intuitive ideas to me not using any formulas, for example even at the time of tea.I consent that geometry is the queen of mathematics. I also remember the saying of Roger Penrose, "We cannot get any deep understanding of the laws that govern the physical world without entering the world of mathematics."
At the geometry field, now I am charmed to W. T. Thurston's geometrization concept, that opens 3-dimensional manifold to hyperbolic geometry's model. This model will probably hint me the new landscape for language models, that will show us more exhaustive language universal theory.

What now I say as language universals is energy ,distance, dimension and so forth.
Brief comments on the three themes are time to time mentioned through my milestones to the upper steps for the research.

The hardest theme has been in energy all through the research. But Perelman has opened the narrow and steep lane to the aim by physics-mixture mathematics approach,  especially thermodynamics-based means. It was a surprise which way was seemed to be the very hard way or despaired way at my present ability.



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