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Geometrization language Preparation 9 December 2017

Geometrization language Preparation
9 December 2017

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A Very Happy New Year 2015 and Many Thanks for reading SIL's essays and papers.

I was born in 1947 and become 68 years old this summer.
My unripeness to language study has come to the declining years.
Return to physics or mathematics is almost alike to back to youth age, when almost every day solving rudimentary problems for entire interest to unknown world.

In my mind there still are some hard themes to challenge, one of which is energy in language. The theme is originated from Edward Sapir, who presented the concept "drift" in Language, 1921. 
It was the macro and intuitive concept that was supposed by his precise thinking and vast field work of America native's language. I think that I would develop the theme from the physics-mathematics field.

If there be change in language, from which to which language changes in its true nature?
At where is there the change's power or energy?

Refer to the next.
0. General survey
  1. 5W1H in 2014 / 31 December 2014
1. Substantiality and time
  1. Substantiality, Dedicated to SAPIR Edward / 27 February 2005 
  2. Macro time and Micro Time / 24 July 2013
2.Flow and energy 
  1. Flow of Language / Heritage of WANG Guowei and Edward Sapir / 26 September 2014
  2. The days when I was thinking on Energy Distance Theory / 19 December 2014
4. Stochastic theory, distance, functional, potential with energy
  1. Energy of Language / Stochastic Meaning Theory 4 / 24 July 2008
  2. Energy and Distance / Energy Distance Theory / 31 August 2008
  3. Energy and Functional / Energy Distance Theory /18 October 2008 
  4. Potential of Language / Floer Homology Language / 2009

5W1H in 2014-2015
  1. How is the time alive in language?
  2. What facts does Three Conjectures for Dimension, Synthesis and Reversion show us?
  3. The days when I was thinking on Energy Distance Theory 
  4. A Trace of student who has been enchanted with language and mathematics
  5. Why is boundary necessary in language?
  6.  At where is there the change's power or energy?

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