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Ars longa Seeing Masterpieces of French Landscape Paintings from the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow Note added

Ars longa Seeing Masterpieces of French Landscape Paintings from the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow


On 25 May 2018 I went to Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Ueno, Tokyo to see the exhibition titled French Landscape Paintings from the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow.

I have frequently see the modern French paintings represented by the Post-impressionists at National Western Art Museum,Ueno. But the impression after seeing was pretty different.
The paintings are ranged widely from the 17th to 20th century.  
I felt that the The Russian eyes were effected to collect the paintings. For example, Arcadia and the relevant concepts of it were not so popular in Japan but at Russian collectors payed enough attention to them like the Europeans.

One of the most fantastic works for me was Luigi Loir's Smoke on the Paris Circuit Line ( Paris Suburb).  Floating smoke, Cloudy sky, Two horses and people chatting or coming and going.  
At the  moment to see the painting I recalled the famous quotation, Vita brevis, ars longa.
The painting was drew in 1885, over 130 years ago. But all the landscapes were vivid like the present and probably in future.

27 May 2018
Sekinan Zoho      

The catalogue of the exhibition
French Landscape Paintings from the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow

6 June 2018
Time and Eternity

When I saw Luigi Loir's Smoke on the Paris Circuit Line ( Paris Suburb), I felt a fresh awareness of time, which was probably came from the vivid smoke floating in the air or the road partly glistered by the rain immediately before. This landscape was filled with time feeling which was coming on and stopped and was going to the future till now. All paintings may contain such a feeling on time. Now I faced a large canvas of Luir, I freshly got the greatness of painting which has a moment and eternity from the 2 dimensional space.
Does this greatness is only in my mind and not out in the outer world? Do I only feel the eternity in my mind? Almost maybe so, but partly maybe not. Time is real and time feeling floating in the panting is also real. Where is the difference between the two ? Time is direct and time in the painting is in direct, which floats via my eyes and mind. The painting gives me the start of time floating.  In that case, what is the painting's giving moment? The moment is made from form and colour on the canvas. Thus direct time has no tool for going on and indirect time has tools, now canvas, paints and brushes. Direct time and indirect time both enters in my body especially in my mind. The two times both floats in my body. I cannot analyse direct time. But indirect time can be analysed using several methods, form analysis, colour analysis and so forth. Language's letter, character and voice also maybe contain moments for making indirect time. Luigi Loir's Smoke on the Paris Circuit Line ( Paris Suburb) gave reconfirmation of a fresh awareness of indirect time's existence.   

[Note 2]
6 June 2018
Research of indirect time

For the research of indirect time now the several tools are prepared for at mine.
Mains are the next.
Overview of the importance and application in the new future is given at the letter to Y., 2018.
This letter is written in Japanese, now not has English version.

For details of research two sites are presented now at SRFL site.
One is from geometrization conjecture started from W.P. Thurston and succeeded by G. Perelman.
The other is from quantum group started from V. G. Drinfel'd.

The two sites are connected through ideogram.

Sekinan Zoho has the invitation to it.
SRFL collection has general relevant information for the present research.

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