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The Days of Ideogram ​​​Ideogram from hieroglyph to LATEX Symbol List Note added 2017

The Days of Ideogram
​Ideogram from hieroglyph to LATEX Symbol List

​Sekinan Library

Mark * in the text shows Reference number.

1. Ideogram
Ideogram has long history.
In the early paper I ever simply defined ideogram*0-1.
I also wrote relative papers on ideogram from the viewpoint of Chinese characters*3-1, 3-2, 3-3.
Especially Manuscript of Quantum Theory for Language 2003 is a starting root of my  research on language universals*3-2.

The history of ideogram continues from Egyptian hieroglyph to Chinese character and now adds LATEX Symbol List*6-1.
The 21st century will necessarily become the century of ideogram.
The reasons are below.
  1. Ideogram can contain rich information in small space. 
  2. Ideogram can show information at a glance.
  3. Ideogram can sustain information stably in long time*1-7.
  4. ​Ideogram has fertile capability to superb diversity of languages*8-5. 

2. Set theory
Probably in summer 1977, I was  designing for a paper on the sentence in language. The central part of the paper was connection between words or sentence, in which the logic of  language would be shown using the set theory as a simplified model of true and false. I was strongly influenced from Kurt Godel, Gaishi Takeuchi and Bourbaki*1-1. But this design was abandoned for my lack of mathematical basis keeping on.

3. Qing dynasty's linguistics
In 1980s and 1990s I was lost in learning Chinese classical character theory, Xiaoxue, especially Qing dynasty for ideogram's fundamental property*2-1. At this period I did not write any paper on language. I solely read WANG Guowei*1-2, WANG Yinzhi, DUAN Yucai and Qing dynasty's linguists.

4. Time property in characters
In Autumn 2002 I got pneumonia and was hospitalized about 2 weeks, where I thought of 1970s' dream, writing clear description on language universals by mathematics. The theme was as hard as ever. So, at the bed I thought the basis of language from a side of Chinese character’s classical approach which had vast heritage till Qing dynasty. I directed my attention to the character's figure which had compound meanings containing time elements continuing from Yin dynasty's hieroglyphic characters left on bones and tortoise carapaces some 2400 years ago. I thought that Chinese characters had containing time and its structure could be written by geometric approach once I had abandoned for difficulty. After leaving hospital, I wrote a paper titled On Time Property Inherent in Characters*3-1.  

5. Quantum elements 
In 2003 staying at Hakuba, Nagano, I wrote a rial paper on language universals from the viewpoint of physics. This was remained manuscript till now. The title was Manuscript of Quantum Theory for Language*3-2 for the time being. Because in summer 2003 I wrote the first paper on language universals from physics titles as Quantum Theory for Language*3-3 which was read at a conference held in winter  2003 of Nara Japan.

6. Finite generative
Language probably begins from finite elements and generates.*3-6, 3-7 its world responding to outer world. I learned the concept of finite generative from von Neumann Algebra*4-1 at around 2006 and 2007. 

7. Structure and dimension
Language probably has structure, which details are unknown now for me. But several phenomena hints me the existence of structure containing dimension. Its example is shown at the Crete's lie, on which I wrote a tiny paper titled as True-false problem of the Crete*3-8 in 2013.
More details on mathematical approach to dimension is shown at Algebraic Geometry Language*4-2.

8. Immanent time
Chinese character has immanent time in figure *3-1, 3-4. On the theme I wrote several papers between 2003 and 2005. Main papers related with the theme are seen in  Early Paper and Early Paper 2*5-1, 5-2.
For the immanent time, I wrote a mathematical paper titles as Word as Infinite Loop Space*3-9.
In comparison with Chinese character, hieroglyph is very fantastic object on ideogram. For more details, hieroglyph is more complex for describing the concept using two functions, logogram expressing things' meaning  and phonogram expressing words' pronunciation*0-2, 8-3.
Besides hieroglyph has also definitive element which is put at the end of the word. This element is very similar to Chinese character's meaning element which is called Pang 旁 in Chinese*8-3.
But even for learning hieroglyph's  basis, I have not enough time now. I only like to see  the relative events on hieroglyph
 at time to time .  The exhibition held at Mori Arts Gallery in 2012, Tokyo titled as The British Museum ANCIENT EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD JOURNEY THROUGH THE  AFTERLIFE *8-2 was very fantastic, in which The Greenfield Papyrus was overwhelming.

9. Disposition, distance, flow and boundary
​For thinking of language, I have been interested in four elements, disposition, distance flow and boundary*3-10,11,12, 13,  which seem to become the basis of language.
especially at researching ideogram, disposition is fundamental to construct grammar.

10. Energy, dimension and distance

For more further research language , now I suppose at least three elements being  based from mathematical description, which are energydimension and distance*3-14.

11. Mapping and category
Ideogram now has an important part in computer age. Image confirmation is very popular at internet banking system, which can contain vast information in one image, so password decoding is more difficult than phonogram or Arabic numerals.
Generally ideogram has vast information to the others using comparatively easy way.
This ideograms situation resembles mapping at category theory in mathematics. For this point I wrote rough sketch to apply category theory to language theory. Sketch name is  Derived Category Language 2016*4-3.

Sekinan Library's publicised papers  are shown at SRFL Paper*7-1.
Theoretical development on language universals are shown at Genealogical Tree of Sekinan's Paper Sixth Edition*6-2.
Related words and concepts on language universals are shown at Appendix / Language between Sergej Karcevskij and string theory, one century's trace The 30th Anniversary of Sekinan Library Memorial Essay*6-1.
Relative themes on language universals at Sekinan Library are seen at Twitter Sekinan Library’s Moments*7-3.


Sekinan Library

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  2. Quantification of Quantum. 29 May 2004. 

  1. The Time of Language
  2. The Time of WANG Guowei
  3. The Time of Wittgenstein 
  4. The Time of Quantum
  5. The Days of Distance
  6. The days when I was thinking on Energy Distance Theory
  7. The Days of Decipherment
  8. The days of von Neumann Algebra
  9. The days between von Neumann Algebra and Complex Manifold Deformation Theory
  10. Language between Sergej Karcevskij and string theory, one century's trace

  1. 40 years passed from I read WANG Guowei
  2. For WITTGENSTEIN Ludwig Revised with Symplectic Language Theory and Floer Homology Language
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  3. Quantum Theory for language 
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  5. Distance Theory
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  7. von Neumann Algebra 3 Note 1 Properly Infinite
  8. True-false problem of the Crete
  9. Word as Infinite Loop Space
  10. Disposition of Language
  11. Distance of Word
  12. Flow of language
  13. Boundary of language
  14. At least three elements for language universals​​

  1. von Neumann Algebra
  2. Algebraic Geometry Language
  3. Derived Category Language

  1. Early Paper
  2. ​Early paper 2
  3. Early Paper 3
  4. Recent Paper
  5. Recent Paper 2
  6. Recent Paper 3

  1. Appendix / Language between Sergej Karcevskij and string theory, one century's trace The 30th Anniversary of Sekinan Library Memorial Essay
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  1. SRFL Paper
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  3. Twitter. Sekinan Library. Moments​​

Outer sites and publication
  1. The Comprehensive LATEX Symbol List Scot Pakin 19 January 2017.
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  6. Unicode® Technical Report #51 UNICODE EMOJI.

This essay is unfinished.

20 April 2017
Sekinan Zoho

7 march 2018
From the upper study, ideogram has special features as the next.
1. Ideogram is one style of writing language, rather near to image than letter.
2. Ideogram has potential to connects image and letter.
3. One ideogram generally contains more information than letter.
4. Ideogram has possibility to researching object by mathematics especially algebraic approach.
5. Ideogram has geographical and historical rich fields from Mesopotamia, Egypt to China. 
6. I take Chinese character for my research's  object.

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