Sunday, 3 June 2018

​Rhododendron has come out this year 2017

​Rhododendron has come out this year 2017

Rhododendron at the hedge began to come out on 23 May and full bloomed on 28 May this year.
This variety is rather late comparing the ordinary.
My former teacher KAWASAKI Tsuneyiki  loved this flower, He ever guided me to the Rhododendron park at Hieizan Mountain, Shiga, Japan in the early summer in 1982 after viewing the the exhibition of the medieval Pure Land Buddhism at Nara, Japan, which was very marvelous and there I met the historical scholar ONO Katsutoshi who taught me the various hints on Buddhism history in Japan and Tang dynasty in China.
Sekinan Library's 
Sekinan means rhododendron in Japanese. So this flower was a commemoration for the two, KAWASAKI and ONO.

June 2017
3 June 2018 Text recised
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