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The First Paper on Inherent Time in Word 2014

The First Paper on Inherent Time in Word 


26/07/2014 10:18

In 2003 I wrote a paper which shows the inherent time in word, titled On Time Property Inherent in Characters.
In those days I frequently looked upon the reading on linguistic history of Chinese characters. Qing dynasty is like a sitting sun being lighted with classical study of Chinese Classics.

In October 2002, I contracted pneumonia and entered a hospital two weeks. At the hospital pneumonia smoothly recovered to usual health. So I thought on my study life and my main target of language at the free time. From the hospital's window the Okutama Mountains were always clearly seen. Seeing the mountains, I gradually determined that the research must be led by clear description, not by traditional style of historical language study.

But my study was mainly put on WANG Guowei's style until then. His life work, Quangtangjilin is the only book in my life. Then at the hospital bed, I confirmed that my study was mixed to clear description and traditional WANG's work.

In March 2003, I stayed at Hakuba, Nagano for tasting the passing wintry season’s landscape. At the place,  I suddenly floating up an idea of language study that word has time in it and that time and meaning are all shaped to be elements. At the result I finished the paper, On Time Property Inherent in Characters. 

Short History of SRFL
On Time Property Inherent in Characters / 28 March 2003

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24 July 2014                             
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