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Character encloses the time of word 2014

Character encloses the time of word

24/07/2014 15:05

Character encloses the time of word. This notion first thought at researching the old Chinese characters assisting the Qing Dynasty's linguists, especially WANG Guowei's life-time collected papers, Guantangjilin. I wrote trial papers between November 2002 and February 2003. From these trials I made a rather self-confident paper, On Time Property Inherent in Characters, in March 2003 at Hakuba, Nagano, where outside were all white by snow. In September this year 2003, the paper based on this paper, Quantum Theory for Language, was shown at the international conference related with literature and history of Silk Road.
Paper’ contents are seen at the below.

On Time Property Inherent in Characters
Quantum Theory for Language
24 July 2014

Read more: https://geometrization-language.webnode.com/products/character-encloses-the-time-of-word/

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