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Essay on WANG Guowei 2017

Essay on WANG Guowei


I have occasionally written on WANG Guowei who has given me the origin of language study.
I first met his writing in the early 1970s when I just became the high school's teacher at age the early 20s. His main writings were contained at the selected works of WANG Guowei which was titled Guantang jilin. I bought it the bookshop Haifeng 海風 at Kanda Tokyo, which had mainly handled Taiwan's classical literary books. Later there I also bought the Complete Works of WANG Guowei. Entering 1980s newly edited his complete Works has be newly published from the People's Republic of China. But I only bought one of them, Letter which has been one of the most favourite books on language study till now.

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14 December 2017
Geometrization language

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