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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

What facts do Three Conjectures for Dimension, Synthesis and Reversion show us? 2014

What facts do Three Conjectures for Dimension, Synthesis and Reversion show us?


True-false problem of the Crete gives us the infinite circulation of true-false value.
This fact indicates us the existence of deep structure or hierarchy in language.
The Crete's true-false is solved by the perspective from 2-dimension to 3-dimension on structure in language world.

Language has long history as the system of etymology. Apparently language has gradually added the  new meaning on the old established meaning in word. At this point new meaning is synthesised to the old meaning. At synthesis word mathematically reduces its dimension to the lower one. As the result time in word relatively occurred in the new word and inevitably connected with  dimension.

Where and how does word exists in the world?
The distance from a certain point is absolutely demanded for measuring or observing for knowing the word's place.Reversion is a result for measuring or observing from a point.

For precise description of dimension, synthesis and reversion mathematical tools are definitely needed and for more simple describing algebraic method is the most useful to approach for me and in order to easy-seeing and clear intuition geometrical approach is always inevitable to searching. I am greatly thanks to relevant mathematicians researching against severe problems still now for contemporary times.

Kodaira, Tokyo
20 November 2014

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